Do you want to publish a book, a training course, in the field of animal nutrition? Whether you are a professional or an individual, we offer editing services.

Pacta ®, publishing company since 1997

In specialized publishing, Pacta ® has a long experience, having published bilingual works on important subjects of Business Law, written by renowned experts, then in the field of IT.

There are many theories on the subject of Petfood. Presence of additives, excess carbohydrates, promotion of legumes or insect kibbles, opinions are divided. We believe that everyone has the right to freely express their point of view, while respecting the laws in force.

From your manuscript, we can publish your book, your how-to guide, and promote it. You don’t have to give your real name, many authors use pseudonyms. This is very useful if you are otherwise a professional, whether in the field of Petfood or other sectors.

Books in digital edition

We offer free publications, books and paid subscriptions. For invoiced services, you will receive your author’s remuneration as soon as the sales exceed the costs of posting and promotion. For any information, you can send us your book project, we will get back to you quickly.

Your book will therefore be available online, on our media, with adaptations in video, mp3, animations, in short everything that will allow you to disseminate your ideas. A discussion forum will allow exchanges with your readers.