Presentation of the Petfood brands

Do you know how many different brands and products there are in Petfood? What are the main arguments presented by manufacturers to sell their products? What are the recommendations and obligations of the legislation in force in your country?

We invite you to discover the different brands and ranges of croquettes and pâtés. This is a first discovery, and we will first discuss their composition, and the different ways of analyzing them from the consumer’s point of view.

New brands of kibble are regularly offered, with innovations such as insect-based kibbles. Other companies offer subscription systems to order your kibbles and wet food.

As consumers, we are used to buying the same products, and sometimes we discover others with advertisements. This presentation of the Petfood market will allow you to have a better view of the market.

These objective presentations will also allow you to identify subjects that may be of interest to you, such as the presence of carbohydrates in the kibbles, the validity of the various classification tables for croquettes and pâtés, and grain-free kibbles.