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How do you choose good dog and cat food?

How do you choose good dog and cat food?

Have you ever tried to find reliable advice on the Internet for the right selection of dry and wet food ? We carried out a study for over a year on the various media available to the general public.

The conclusion is that we have not found a solution allowing to have an overview, nor verifiable information, in particular while browsing with a mobile or a tablet.

How to choose your dry and wet food ?

The various Facebook groups that share opinions and testimonials on dog food and dog food are private: Why? Is giving advice and recommendations on Petfood a problem?

For this reason, we have chosen to present you different ways of evaluating your croquettes and your pâtés yourself, based on information that you will be able to check on the Internet. In particular, it should be noted that we cannot recommend a brand to you. This is the job of your veterinarian in particular, because every animal is different.

What food to choose for your dogs and cats?

We believe that it is not serious to recommend a brand of kibble to a person without considering the characteristics and needs of each animal.

Our goal is to analyze the different possibilities for evaluating and comparing your brands of kibble, to offer you comparative tables and summaries, and then to deepen your research.

It is also the occasion to wonder why so many people base themselves on estimates of carbohydrates in the kibble, when it is far from being the only criterion of comparison!

Rentork : you Petfood App

Above all, we have found that a lot of people publish recommendations on dry food and pâtés without having any animal nutrition skills. We are not nutritionists, but we know how to verify and cross-check their information. Some nutrition advice is therefore dangerous in the long term.

To help you in these choices, we are preparing a Web application (no installation or update), to consult opinions, testimonials, articles, videos, podcasts, in French on this site and in English on , Facebook groups and Youtube channels.

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