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Rentork is a collaborative database of products in

  • nutrition
  • animal nutrition
  • health
  • beauty

The objective is to constitute a database of these products to allow to better know their composition, to find equivalent or similar products in cross-reference.

Initially, Rentork was a social network for pet owners, the success of the concept led us to focus on several complementary areas.

The Rentork Concept

Contributors, registered or anonymous, share their product information in different parts of the site for inclusion in databases. They use for this the information of the manufacturers or the distributors on the labels, on the sites. They can also share consumer reviews and testimonials.

When we proposed calculation matrices in animal nutrition, to evaluate the content of kibbles and your food for dogs and cats, the success of the concept led us to extend the service to other areas. For this, we have created the Vigiscore ® brand.

With this specialization in animal nutrition, we now offer partner sites for our registered brands Sos Petfood ®, Petfood Alert ® and Petfood Advisor ®.

Collection and analysis of product data

To facilitate this collection, we are also developing verification algorithms, as well as information collection systems based on artificial intelligence. The funding model is based on patronage, thus donations from the public, and the purchase of derivative products, but above all the consulting services available on our main Pacta.com site.

In this way, we are able to process data shared by thousands of users around the world, with complementary research on the web and social networks, Facebook groups and the Deep Web.

To discover our IT services, visit our main site pacta.com.